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It will take you approximately two years or four semesters to obtain your Associate of Applied Science degree.  Pursuing this type of degree provides students with a wide and strong base of general knowledge of interior design.  Generally, you will take beginning courses in CAD, textiles, residential and commercial design, and building systems. Depending on the state in which you live and work, this degree satisfies your formal education requirement necessary to become a certified interior designer.  Further, at most schools you can apply the credits of your Associate of Applied Science degree towards a more intense Bachelor's Degree.

Architectural Drafting Schools

December 22, 2012
Architectural Drafting programs generally combine a strong concentration of manual and computer drafting procedures with techniques focusing on other skills important to successful draftsmanship. These programs will teach you to become efficient at both manual and computer drafting, and you will take two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD courses. At many schools, students study Architectural Drafting as part of a diploma program that takes one year to complete.

A Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Program focusing on Architectural Drafting furnishes the skills necessary to become a skilled CAD operator with possibility for success in many careers. Such options include positions working as CAD operators, architectural CAD technicians, engineering CAD technicians, architectural draft persons, and engineering draft persons.  This is typically a two year, associate's program.

Visual Merchandiser

December 22, 2012

Visual Merchandisers are responsible for conceptualizing, designing and implementing window and in-store displays for both online and brick and mortar retail stores. Visual Merchandisers must combine their artistic flair and creativity with technical know-how to set up displays that catch the eye and appeal to the senses of their target customers in order to: (1) create and maintain an image for a department or store that resonates with their target customers, (2) increase customer traffic in the store, and (3) guide their customers browsing through merchandise placement and st

Space Planner

December 22, 2012

A space planner is responsible for diagramming how an interior space should be organized to create an optimal balance of space and utility. This includes planning room layouts to optimally arrange furniture, equipment, telecommunications and other needs. Space planners work in a variety of settings, typically commercial or industrial, such as office buildings, classrooms, research facilities, and centralized computer facilities. They often work in conjunction with interior designers and architects to create plans that make the most efficient use of space.

Set Designer

December 22, 2012

Set designers create the world in which plays, musicals and movies take place.  Set designers are very creative people who must often call upon a variety of artistic skills to do their jobs.  Once they understand the world the director envisions, set designers usually sketch out all aspects of various scenes including stage construction, and how each scene makes use of costumes and various props.  After sketches, set designers may go on to build scale models to further finalize plans with producers, writers and the director.  They must then supervise the construction of t

Sales Representative

December 22, 2012
Sales Representatives sell a manufacturer's products and accessories (such as lighting and bath fixtures) to buyers from wholesale and retail stores. Sales representatives usually solicit orders from new and prospective customers within a designated geographical area. They show samples, illustrations, and catalogs of their manufacturer's product line, and must be able to answer any questions regarding the products. They listen to their customers concerns about the product, assist in solving problems the customer may have with the product, and even help the customer sell more of the product by

Retail Store Designer

December 22, 2012

A store planner plans and produces architectural drawings for new stores, design-builds, rehabs to suit, expansions, relocations, remodels, and refurbishments for various retail locations.  With design approval from the client, the store planner produces material takeoffs and communicates these, as well as the approved plan, to the construction team.  In addition to the technical building side, a store planner must also work with the store owner to understand their business plan, branding and marketing strategy, and make sure

Lighting Designer

December 22, 2012

A lighting designer is able to create a pleasing yet functional ambiance within an interior environment by specifically selecting the appropriate products and strategically placing them to complement the overall interior design scheme. For example, museums must use sophisticated lighting design strategy and technology to ensure that art pieces are viewed at their most favorable without being damaged in the process. Lighting specialists also play important roles in movies, television and theatrical productions where lighting strategy subtly enhances the overall performance.

Interior Designer

December 22, 2012

What are Interior Design Career Options?

Simply, your career options are wide open in interior design. We have done our research, and there is work for an interior designer in any job concerned with aesthetic appeal. Seriously! People like to have spaces that look nice, function well, and create atmosphere. This is not hard to imagine; people respond to homes, offices, buildings, stores, restaurants and even theme parks that have a certain aesthetic appeal. Thus, businesses and homeowners are all looking for ways to create the responses they desire from clients, consumers, families and friends. Fortunately for you, they are not necessarily able to do this on their own. Enter the interior designer! There are extensive possibilities for you to work in either residential or commercial design!

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