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Interior Decorator

December 22, 2012
Interior decorators plan and implement decoration schemes for homes, offices, shops and other professional spaces. They may advise clients on selection of color schemes, layouts, lighting, furniture, floor coverings, paint, wallpaper, hardware products and much more. They may provide sketches, designs, and specifications, as well as cost estimates for client approval. They may supervise and coordinate the installation and arrangement of furniture and furnishings during renovations. Interior decorators often work irregular and extended hours to meet their clients’ deadlines!
Once you are armed with your education you will be ready to be take on the interior design world full blast!  While your study of interior design is one of the most important tools you will use to start a successful career, you might be wondering what other tools you will need in your belt.  We thought that was a good thing to wonder, so we came up with five tools you won't be able to live without! Color Scheme Guide

The World of Space Planning

December 22, 2012
A well-designed room is not just about a funky suede couch or breathtaking floor to ceiling satin drapes.  Rather, there is a facet of interior design dedicated to creating functional, organized spaces that can be easily and fully utilized.  This facet is more concerned with the behind the scenes workings of a room. Once a room is arranged and structured properly, the important pieces of the room truly pop out and create the aesthetic appeal a client desires. This is the world of space planning!

Set designers in the theater, film, and television industry generally work in large, metropolitan areas. Opera houses and dance groups also employ in-house set designers.

To choose a career in residential interior design is to choose to improve and enhance the look, function, and overall appeal of everything related to the home.  From totally re-sculpting the architectural shape of a room, to coordinating paint, flooring options, and fabric, to selecting the furnishings that best suit the needs of a particular space - a residential interior designer could be involved with each of these elements.

Being good at what you do is not just about talent and education. Success in your profession most often requires a harmonious relationship between your awesome talent, your rigid and thorough education, and last but not least, your personality. It takes all three! Surely we have all experienced this in some form. Maybe you had a beyond brilliant chemistry teacher who was just not able to engage and interest you in his complex ideas.

The field of interior design can be divided and subdivided into various different categories, focuses, and specializations. The biggest and most obvious distinction is between residential and commercial interior design.  While most designers work in both areas of design, many also specialize in one. Understanding what each field of interior design encompasses is really interesting and we thought you might enjoy a comparison of the two.

In this day and age, we are lucky enough to have the option of earning a degree and advancing our careers from the comfort and convenience of our homes. So, instead of having to consider whether or not you should relocate to a new city or state to study interior design, you can simply participate in an online degree program. Thus, you have no reason not to pursue the career of your dreams! Check out our featured online interior design school and get started today.
Credit for the birth of interior design is most often given to the Ancient Egyptians, who decorated their humble mud huts with simple furniture enhanced by animal skins or textiles, as well as murals, sculptures, and painted vases. Beautiful gold ornaments found in Egyptian tombs (such as that of King Tutankhamen) revealed the importance of more lavish decoration for wealthier and powerful Egyptians.
Twisting, sweeping, sculptural - all terms that describe the designs created by Frank Gehry, an American legend in the field of architecture. Gehry is well-known for his iconic, biomorphic building exteriors, including the Experience Music Project in Seattle, Washington. His most famous work, however, is the Guggenheim Museum’s branch in Bilbao, Spain, a towering titanium structure that perches in the landscape like a giant sculpture.

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