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What a task! Selecting our favorite interior designer on television was certainly a grueling and arduous journey of epic proportion.  Okay, so maybe not quite grueling, arduous, or quite epic - but definitely fun! And definitely hard! We reviewed and researched the most popular designers you invite into your homes via television in search of the most creative, the most talented, the most interesting - simply, the best.   Alas, we present to you... (think drum roll) .... our favorite interior designer: Mrs.
Your dorm room will be your first home away from home -- and your first project as an interior design student. Most dorm rooms are double occupancy, but singles, triples, and suites may be available depending on where you go to school. Here are some tips to keep in mind when decorating your dorm room.

The distinction between interior design and interior decorating is, in many cases, defined by level of education. The earliest American interior decorating books appeared in the 19th century, so it is still a relatively new profession. “Decoration” was the rage in the 19th century, just as “design” is a hallmark of the 21 st century.

A CAD drafter straddles two worlds, the traditional world of paper drafts and the modern technology of CAD. In a typical day, a CAD drafter may be asked to translate a set of paper plans to CAD, update or fix an existing CAD plan or complete a design. CAD drafters are in communication with master architects as well as the estimating offices of contractors implementing the design. A CAD drafter may be asked to translate a design concept over several stages of media.

CAD and Interior Design

December 22, 2012
CAD can be a useful tool to interior designers, architects and other designers in every stage of the design process, from conception to presentations for clients. In the initial drafting stages, CAD allows for quick and easy reproduction of design elements, so that certain parts of the design can be kept while others are changed.
Americans have access to a dizzying array of home products from around the world - with the variety of home accents available, American consumers can create Asian-inspired bedrooms, Mexican-inspired family rooms, Moroccan-inspired dens -- but what about the rest of the world? In most countries, designers and consumers rely on indigenous materials and traditional national aesthetics to create inviting interiors.

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