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Interior Design Schools in California (CA):

Home to over 35 million Americans, California is spacious and diverse.  From providing a home to the world’s tallest living tree, over seven hundred vineyards, and the magnetic Hollywood that draws the hopeful and talented from all over the world, California is absolutely an inspiration-rich place to study interior design.  Whether you choose the authentically original, politically charged San Francisco, the glitzy and fast-paced Los Angeles, the beautiful and relaxing San Diego, or any of the cities and towns in between, the possibilities in this career field are truly endless!

Interior designers in this state must pass the NCIDQ certification exam in order to be eligible for a state license.  California is definitely a state capable of inspiring, cultivating, and appreciating your artistic talent. Check out the interior design schools in California, and our featured school in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Santa Monica. Get started today!