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Laurie Hickson-Smith: Winner of Our Favorite TV Designer Contest

What a task! Selecting our favorite interior designer on television was certainly a grueling and arduous journey of epic proportion.  Okay, so maybe not quite grueling, arduous, or quite epic - but definitely fun! And definitely hard! We reviewed and researched the most popular designers you invite into your homes via television in search of the most creative, the most talented, the most interesting - simply, the best.   Alas, we present to you... (think drum roll) .... our favorite interior designer: Mrs. Laurie Hickson-Smith of TLC's famed "Trading Spaces!"

The talented and lovely Laurie has been with "Trading Spaces" since the beginning - she appeared on the very first episode of the hit show in September of 2000. A Southern gal with fiery red curls, Laurie's rooms are always crisp, always precise, and are always able to inspire a "wow" from homeowners and television viewers alike! We have also dubbed Mrs. Hickson-Smith the "Queen of Fabric," because without fail, she will find an exquisitely beautiful and rich fabric to incorporate into her design plan. Add this to her persistence of attention to detail and her impeccable eye for color and you can see why Laurie takes the cake!

Laurie also won us over with her classy but gracious personality.  On each episode of the show, she brings her talent and vision to a couple of inexperienced homeowners with zest and joy!  She makes the experience fun and productive for daring neighbors who agree to design another couple's space, and she is able to do this while pulling together a classy and deliberate room with charm and elegance every time!  And, "folks," she does this on television - no small task.  We also think she sets a great example of how to handle spur-of-the-moment issues that come up - Laurie simply assesses the issue, thinks of a creative solution, and goes for it! No hurdle is too high! Further, Laurie is so pleasant and nice to work with - we would definitely be torn between having her design our room, or working with her on our neighbor's room.  She is the type of girl we would want to have as a friend - capable, motivated, and genuinely concerned with the interests of others.  Plus, she usually dresses to match her design plan - and that was just too cute to pass up!  We will tune in to see this designer work her magic any day of the week! Congratulations, Laurie! 


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