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Sales Representative

Sales Representatives sell a manufacturer's products and accessories (such as lighting and bath fixtures) to buyers from wholesale and retail stores. Sales representatives usually solicit orders from new and prospective customers within a designated geographical area. They show samples, illustrations, and catalogs of their manufacturer's product line, and must be able to answer any questions regarding the products. They listen to their customers concerns about the product, assist in solving problems the customer may have with the product, and even help the customer sell more of the product by arranging special demonstrations or giving free samples for showrooms and use in model units. This is a position that requires a good deal of travel.  Sales Representative Salary Range:
  • Entry level/Part time range: $15,000 to $30,000
  • Experienced range: $40,000 to over $60,000
  • Top level: up to $80, 000+
  • Sales representatives often have the opportunity for increasing their pay through commissions on sales and bonuses based on their performance.
Sales Representative Career and Job Outlook:

The outlook in this field is very strong. Higher than average growth within the United States is projected within this sector. Often the key to getting a job is the willingness and flexibility to travel to remote locations. 

Sales Representative Career Qualifications:

Experience - Previous sales experience is helpful.

Personal Characteristics/Skills - highly competitive; belief in the product and ability to maintain enthusiasm for it; excellent communication skills - both written and oral; establish good relationships with customers; self-motivated with good follow-through skills; ability to deal with rejection and remain upbeat; knowledge of interior design industry trends and manufacturer's competitors.

Sales Representative Career Path:

Showroom Sales Representative/Assistant > Sales Representative > Sales Manager > Regional Sales Manager > National Sales Manager > VP Sales

Learn More About Schools:

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