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The World of Space Planning

A well-designed room is not just about a funky suede couch or breathtaking floor to ceiling satin drapes.  Rather, there is a facet of interior design dedicated to creating functional, organized spaces that can be easily and fully utilized.  This facet is more concerned with the behind the scenes workings of a room. Once a room is arranged and structured properly, the important pieces of the room truly pop out and create the aesthetic appeal a client desires. This is the world of space planning!

Space planners consider how a room is used.Areas with a large amount of traffic flow should be planned and arranged to allow for high usage. Properly planning a room also takes into account how many people use the space and how frequently the space is used for different activities. For example, in a home with three toddlers, a space planner would organize a kitchen to keep the space clutter free, but also kid-friendly and safe. Basically, space planners work to make a space more usable.

Equipment location is also key to this type of work. Consider two examples. In a kitchen, a space planner works to organize things used daily in the most accessible storage spaces and things used less frequently in other areas. Or, in an office, space planning entails placing the fax machine, printer, copier and other multi-user equipment in a convenient location.  It is the space planner's philosophy that everything going into a room should have a designated and allocated place. 

Space planners also consider aesthetic appeal, corporate culture, and community and individual needs Space planners design, incorporate, and build great homes and offices that allow individuals to efficiently use their environments and assets. You are probably more familiar with space planning than you realize! Television decorating shows like "Clean Sweep" and "Mission Organization" are great examples of space planners working to provide systems of organization and function that truly make the space more appealing and beautiful.  Let's face it - a 70's inspired couch or divine satin drapery is definitely going to stand out in a room that is planned and organized!

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